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Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
yanukovich was the prime minister and wanting to use science to the president said the new coach at the stein i did took on too so that's why if they were peacefully protesting at the stein is only a track record at two zero there was a dog auctions of people who achilles about yanukovich his decision to side will withdraw sure it's good to see ukraine come more into the russian sphere of influence what where are those people i mean it's like fifty percent are fought by its said that we don't know you did that but we might know is that at the local launch and ties with russia are not anti european and deploy your rookie year and i'm not a station the auntie rach. the question is that they advanced towards russia and russia. these last months used french so there is a kind of dependency the ukrainian people and get it on to lose and even duma what you think. yanukovich can too. i mean the pa from results of thought into heavy handed tactics. what else could he do to to try and spot so often million people use or if it's a brave the snow in and take to the streets i think i tend to th
Dec 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
sacrifice and howell. he was committed to science people. above himself the market. i wanted to say and i'm not afraid of much less effort than it is the introduction of some i've seen in the top of the candy this will cut it away once again states the site and justice. ibm the vbac that's the point is that in themselves. celebrity the farmer has done to people whether there is no less true that the dead difference. don't walk on the test. the people of south africa will walk on the tape to measure that could undercut to you. it was not tested to ensure the new president are in need. it's tough to come to. seriously a lesson that we are after then i wanted to go back to the current situation on the continent especially in the central african republic their african troops there the french are sending troops to reports of terrible massacres there what is your reaction to the situation there. though its right side is quite sad that this new way to conflicts. tonight it's due to sectarian conflicts. next is dangerous it is indeed interesting but does is open to all made it to a government o
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
three years ago. he now attends a computer science school and dreams of opening up his only company. he's found his way here is determined to get back. most contain some good news for me it's been amazing experience first it was difficult to learn these things and then once you give yourself a chance. there's no reason for not working. according to latest figures fifty thousand new jobs will be available in digital industry in france by two thousand seventeen. mark evans joins me now in the cdo market didn't the springboard is the name of this particular project but then many other social initiatives around the country in what people are calling to me but it's right let me use one particular liking to camp called a simple sentiment which has beaten it was an incredible initiative taking place in more tied to the north of paris in a pan and add in the ninety third on nme which is to me historically viewed as being ready to be all and zach won a significant number of disenfranchised people. what event it is that's how it's being not just on this involves exist at medan the social demo
Dec 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
science comedy johnny one of his descendants the t3 offer came as the heads of the major city providence. this is interesting to see if reason is simply about learning to balance reason i was fifteen and that is because of a fall it's an energy that i didn't feel anywhere else meditations on it but that's it sent the bike and was the no on can combine the museum fountain and art said sharif as well as cultural and spiritual capital. his boss that the government of the most useful. in fact they are close. it just a kitten intellectuals can post a few years many of them cover we'd university. no one had a fever and this was the world's first university in the lead and that has always attracted thinkers from far and wide including westerners. and while this is just upset me. so fast that the second study to be a book and the moon the moon. london irish medical professor noted in may means towards him though. historically fares is pride itself on its openness and tolerance safely say they voted that it opened at site to talk about gnosticism. and so did those things. the heretics and. this a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4